Protecting Your Online Passwords

Stop and think for a minute – how many passwords do you have? If you’re anything like me, you have dozens of online accounts, spread across sites like Facebook, WordPress, and online banking and other financial tools.

Using a password manager system is an easy way for active Internet users to automate the process of entering your various passwords and other repetitive data on website form fields, and is a simple way to create (and remember) multiple different passwords. Too often, a hacker’s job is made easier by the repetitive use of a password or other log-in data – crack one password and you’ve got access to a person’s email, bank account, social media pages, etc. Password manager programs simply automate that process and protect your identity by creating unique passwords and other access details in a way that doesn’t require you to memorize a dozen different log-ins.

The idea behind this type of identity software is not just to help you create your own strong log-ins  (those that are difficult for hackers to crack) but also to fully encrypt and store that information in a database on your computer for easy access. If you’re interested in having a safer, faster, and easier Internet experience, using a system to manage your various passwords is a simple way to do so.