Man Cannot Live on Gadgets Alone

This past weekend, when I got my income tax refund check in the mail, I looked at the amount (larger than in recent years, but by no means a king’s ransom) and realized without a doubt I would spend half of it on tech gadgets and new software and such, most of which I wouldn’t be using in another month. Herman, I said to myself, it’s time to branch out.

There’s nothing wrong with being a gadget geek. But I’m realizing now that my collection of the latest and greatest tech stuff (I’m even one of the lucky few Google Glass early adopters, believe it or not) makes my shabby ten year old furniture and wardrobe look even tackier. I’ve decided it’s time to update my home and my clothes while I’m at it.

I’ve got the income tax refund sitting in my checking account, and I’ve made a wish list of things I plan on purchasing. I’m going to write them down and keep them here on my blog for posterity’s sake and so that I have them stored somewhere relatively safe. So here goes. My brand new apartment and wardrobe ideas. Wish me luck!

Suits & Shoes

In my line of work I find myself needing a nice suit to impress clients and potential customers about once a month. I’ve got a decent suit – it’s clean, it looks good on me, and I’ve used it more than enough times to justify the cost of it (a decade ago). But adding a couple of suits to my lineup can only improve my outward appearance, right?

The first thing I chose to shop for to help me pick nice suits was a couple of pairs of what I call “grownup shoes.” It surprised me how much I could spend – I thought women’s shoes were the only ones that could cost double my mortgage – but I know for sure I’ll look swell in these two pairs.

This pair, by Prada, led directly to my first suit choice. More on that later. There’s a Neiman’s in on my way to work, and though I cringed at the price tag, these perforated lace-ups are so my style I just have to own them.

The second pair caught my eye while browsing for a suit to match the Pradas. Slightly less-expensive, the color of these Allen Edmond dress shoes means they’ll work with just about any of my new or existing clothes.

So what suits did I add to make my wardrobe match my high-tech gadgetry. The first is a two-button grey suit that doesn’t match either of my new pairs of shoes, but the price is right and I just can’t overlook how well my entire tie collection would work with these pieces.

The suit I am more than a little embarrassed by (because of the price) is an Abboud “Signature Silver’ Wool set that costs more than my first car. I felt great trying it on. I only hope I get enough wear out of it to justify the expense.

My New High Dollar Bedroom

If a man’s bedroom is a reflection of the man’s personality, then my old one implied I’m a total cheapskate. I’ve slept on the same bed for a decade. So the first thing to change was my mattress. I discovered Sensation mattresses by Tempur and I can’t complain, not by any means. What can I say, I like old spring beds, but I wanted something that says “This guy knows what he likes and he can afford luxury goods.” This bed does that for me.

Along with a new bed, I put in all new dressers and I’m even waiting on the delivery of an awesome bamboo privacy screen that will add the final Mad Men touch to my new look.