Five Timeless Coats and Jackets for Men

From popular pea coats to British chic mens Harrington coats, these are some of the top picks for timeless outerwear options for men this season. Whether you’re looking for a cold weather coat or something more lightweight, this guide definitely has something to fit your style.

1. A Stylish Pea Coat
When the weather starts to cool down, you undoubtedly see a variety of different double button, double pocketed pea coats walking around. While they are one of the most popular coats for men and women, it’s all about how you wear the pea coat that makes a difference. When worn closed, partner up a jacket with a patterned or knit scarf to show off at the top. When worn openly, create a look with a sweater, jeans and Converse. The great thing about the pea coat is how versatile it is.

2. British Invasion Harrington Coat
In the 1930s, the Harrington coat was born, and it’s been a popular British outerwear model over the centuries. Its most recent appearance was on the torso of Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace. This iconic coat is a favorite for many spies and assassins as its simple to zip up and doesn’t have a huge collar. Slightly fitted at the waist and sleeves, its most well known feather is the checkered lining on the inside.

3. Rough Around the Edges Skyliner Jacket
Another vintage favorite that often makes an appearance during colder seasons is the Skyliner down jacket. This is a quilted collarless jacket that goes with any number of layering options and was made popular by its comfort for hunters who have to stick it out in cold weather for long periods of time. The Skyliner goes best with a flannel or striped cotton shirt underneath.

4. Bomber Jacket
The bomber jacket is known for its lightweight and unique design with two buttoned pockets in the front and fitted sleeves. Sometimes with a collar and sometimes without, it’s often made from leather but you can also find them in cotton and polyester blends. Bomber jackets frequently feature an extra zipped pocket on the sleeve. Longer bomber jackets may also be filled with goosedown to provide cozier outerwear for winter.

5. Military Jacket
It’s one of the timeless looks that men are most fond of. Mostly these jackets are a version of a traditional army jacket with structured square shoulders, double button down and front pockets. They provide a lot of lightweight comfort and warmth for transitional seasons. These style of jackets can be worn open or closed and feature a fitted design. The most iconic part about this jacket is that there are two zipped or button pockets usually located on the chest. Jackets may also feature a high collar and a thicker fabric for colder seasons.

These jackets were made to be worn throughout the ages and have been featured in a variety of designer fashion shows for this fall. Each one has a particular look and style guaranteed to match your personality.