The Secret Social Life of the Geek Web

I did not know until today there was a Geek Web out there. Oh, I had heard of the Geek Code — an alphabet of cryptic letters and characters that you use to tell people “in the know” about yourself. I had heard of the “King of the Nerds” TV show. I even know about Comic Con (as any Big Bang Theory fan should).

But I did not know about Geek social site Sweet on Geeks or the Soul Geek Cyber Dating Website. That’s like, WOW. A whole generation of people have stood up and identified themselves as Geeks irrevocably. Why aren’t sociologists referring to these people as the Geek Generation?

The Geek Apocalypse is nowhere in sight. There are lots of scifi conventions, tons of scifi movies, and more smart phone games for Geeks than you can tap out in a text message. We are in the midst of the Geek Golden Age and it just seems to be getting more golden with age.

Even scientists have come out with guides for dating Geek girls, although Dr. Nerdlove says that “real” Geek girls are nothing like the fantasy Geek boys dream about. Maybe Kaley Cuoco is as close as the perfect Geek girl fantasy comes to being real (and sadly Geek guys Ryan Sweeting swept her off her feet just this past New Year’s).

You may have to revise your expectations if you’re following standard advice for first dates on dating sites because that Geek girl may be more interested in attending a scifi con than sitting at a bar (or, better yet, sitting at a bar AT a scifi con!).

Your first date with a Geek girl probably includes dinner at the local hobbit restaurant, or maybe just a trip into the woods for some live action role playing. If there is a cool scifi movie in the theaters you know she’ll be up for that.

Your second date may be a night of pizza and the Walking Dead, or maybe attending a Firefly fan rally. You could spend whole weekends browsing YouTube for fan-made Star Trek films. If she has never seen “Born of Hope” she is still earning her Geek girl credentials.

A dream date for a Geek girl might be to visit Disney Land, Universal Studios, and the Coca-cola factory.

She has more Star Wars and Lord of the Rings collectibles than a Harry Potter fan. Dating this girl won’t be expensive unless you drive by an antiques mall with a special collectible toys gallery. You’ll be fine until she hits the dealers room and swings into the costuming section.

Speaking of costuming, guys, if you don’t have a knack for needles, thread, and glue you soon will because this Geek girl will be big into Cosplay. She’ll be your angel, your pirate girl, and your mutant lover in more ways than one.

And we can thank the Internet for that because it has truly brought all the Geeks together. If they can get online they find each other like two stars circling the galaxy.

And here all along I thought people were just using the Internet. I think some people are now living it. I’m amazed. Truly amazed.