How to Win Twice at the Supermarket

Saving with couponsIf time will permit me, I may save myself a lot of money in the coming weeks.  How?  By making shrewd purchases when my favorite merchandise goes on sale.   We’re moving into the holiday shopping season and that means a lot of products that I have been wanting to buy are coming down in price.  Retailers lower prices to clear out older merchandise as they get in new shipments of products targeting Christmas.

As I was moving through a grocery store the other day I noticed that all those little coupon boxes were empty.  Savvy shoppers were pulling coupons out and using them.  Or so it looks like.  I suppose someone could just go in and grab a lot of coupons to use later.  I always wonder, too, how many coupons supplied by manufacturers are actually redeemed.  Some of these coupons may knock prices down by a few dollars.

I have a friend who never uses coupons.  He doesn’t believe it’s manly.  A man should wait for the prices on big ticket items to hit rock-bottom clearance and then just buy whatever smaller things he needs at full retail.  I guess he does okay but I notice his wife buys most of the groceries.

Hunting for coupon deals is hard work.  I tried reading about how to find the best coupon deals but it doesn’t make much sense to me.  I just don’t pay that much attention to coupons.  I know about restaurant coupons and my wife practices good shopping strategies for saving money on groceries.

We even save money by getting some prescriptions filled for free at the grocery store pharmacy.  And so it finally occurred to me that what would make the grocery shopping task much easier for me would be if I could organize my time so that I spend less time shopping while saving money.

You can do that, too.  At least that is what one article on saving time with coupons suggests.  The idea is to limit your coupon research to just those companies that you buy the most items from.  Then you organize a shopping calendar so that you hit the stores on days when items are most likely to be on sale or clearance.  Using the coupons you have collected in advance, you head straight to what you want to buy and get in line quickly.

This is not a magic system.  It takes time to work.  And it requires a sincere commitment on your part.  After all you have to invest time in researching the coupons you can use and in picking the stores where you will make your purchases.  You save time over the long run by planning out an efficient routine.  You save money over the long run by learning when and where to get the coupons without having to go out of your way.

So there is some groundwork to do up front. Once you get everything organized you should see a reduction in grocery costs and the time it takes you to shop.  I think I will try this out for a few months.