How One Guy Persevered and Became Successful

Nicholas BredimusThere are many, many stories of success and not all of them are worth reading.  What makes one person’s biography more interesting than another?  Well, one obvious thing is how much the biographer shares about the individual’s spirit.  We want to connect with the people we read about.

For me what is most important is when an ordinary man makes it big.  Anyone who is born into a rich family can be like Donald Trump: spoiled, selfish, rotten to the core.  Okay, maybe he’s not so selfish (he is willing to be President and that is a thankless job).  But I still think Trump is spoiled and I don’t want to know where he came from or how he got to be where he is.

But there are other, less well-known people whose accomplishments have earned them some mention in the annals of business.  Here is one guy who made his way through life and up the corporate ladder.  It doesn’t sound like he was born to wealth but he became a successful man on his own.

Originating in New Jersey, Nicholas Bredimus mingled the spheres of airlines, software, and hospitality and to the benefit of all three areas of business. This innovative man has found work in a number of fields, from the high-value home sector through the essentials of air safety and software to save time and resources.

His pedigree tells you all you ought to know about the source of his skills and the amount he has done. Coming together from many nationalities, his clan traces to the time of ancient Rome, with the maternal side rooted in Scotland and Germany. His father’s family, however, originates in England and Luxembourg, where they eventually migrated from in the late nineteenth century.

Once in the United States, the line continued to persevere and make their way to the top. One of seven children, Nicholas would be born to a father working as a design engineer and a mother who earned her living as a nurse. He went on to live in Texas, Kansas City, Arizona and Virginia. Once his education had been completed, he would sign up for a few respected roles for some of the largest airline companies. Republic Airlines, Hughes Airwest, Trans World Airlines (TWA) — all three would at different times name him as a VP. Most notable, however, is his achievement as an inspired software designer working with the airlines.

He is highly respected for a project for US Airways, his aircraft maintenance applications which you’ll now find in use by the majority of air carriers. Of course, this was only one of his key innovations for the hotel business and for airlines. His flight booking software is on its way to becoming as commonly used as the aforementioned software, while his hotel reservation routine created the possibility for several major parts of the hotel industry to switch over to the first PC client based system. He went on to develop QuikTix, an automated ticket sales network.

Nicholas has also served in quite a number of roles entirely outside of software development, keep in mind. In his own business — Bredimus Systems — overseeing IT for American Express, and as the first president of a new American Airlines division his track record is impeccable.

Having withdrawn from the positions in which he first enjoyed fortune, his skills are, nevertheless, still exercised daily. His interest now is with the architectural questions behind the development of environmentally sound, technologically advanced superior houses. It’s really fantastic how far passion will bring you.

And that is, for me, a pretty amazing story.  I think people should be inspired by it.  If you work hard you may make it to retirement.  But if you see opportunities and seize them when you can, you may become wealthy enough to retire when you want to.