It Is Now Time to Get Behind Bernie Sanders

Bernie SandersI still cannot believe anyone takes Hillary Clinton seriously.  Her presidential candidacy should have faded into the woodwork in mid-2015.  Any serious Democrat who is thinking about voting for this scandal-laden purveyor of second-rate liberalism should just hand in their registration card and go join the Republican Party.  I mean it.  We do not want another four years of Clinton politics in the White House.  It’s time for a fresh start.

Bernie Sanders makes a lot of sense on so many issues.  And he is one of the few politicians who predicted the foreign policy meltdowns that the Bush and Obama administrations have struggled with.  The Republican Party does not know what to do about Bernie Sanders.   They are all focused on Hillary Clinton.  And Hillary is just not electable.

When the time comes to show your loyalty to the Democratic Party you want to back someone who has the wisdom and the integrity to make a great leader.  That sounds like Bernie Sanders.  Hillary Clinton has neither wisdom nor integrity.  And it was Bernie who stood up for African Americans in the 1960s, even being arrested on one occasion, not Hillary Clinton.  She stayed home and baked cookies.

This crazy election is coming down to two names: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.  When the Donald faces Bernie on the debate stage in September his yelling and finger-pointing won’t make him look like he can put a policy together any better than a 2-year-old with a tantrum.

Bernie Sanders has already put out his proposals.  We know he wants to end corporate tax dodging and increase taxes on billionaires like Trump.  We also know that Bernie wants to reduce taxes on the middle class.

His initiatives are not provocative, they are sound and reasonable.  He wants to increase medical coverage for everyone.  He wants to eliminate student debt.  And he wants to reduce the Federal Deficit.

When you look at the ridiculous proposals coming out of the Republican Party, they just want to act like fascists and ship millions of productive workers to Mexico.  They want to build walls.  They want to increase the Federal deficit.

This country cannot afford a Republican President.  The only sane voice in this election so far has been Senator Bernie Sanders.   This time next year we should all be saying “President Bernie Sanders”.