If We Do Not Fight Global Warming No One Will

It is time for everyone to fight global warming

It is time for everyone to fight global warming. This could really be what our future looks like.

The Great Plains are drying up if you believe science articles like this one.  As farmers and cities draw more water from underground aquifers every year nature is unable to keep up with the demand.  The aquifer levels feed many small streams throughout the West, and those streams in turn feed many rivers.  Now a lot of river systems are dying and in the process we are losing local fish species and other animals.

Of course people need to eat but we need to be smarter about how we manage our resources.  It isn’t like this is breaking news.  Scientists have been warning us for years that the Great Plains river systems were in danger.  There isn’t any excuse for ignoring the problem.  But even if we don’t have a solution today that doesn’t mean we cannot take action in other ways.

Global warming is the greatest threat facing mankind today.  We are slowly cooking ourselves on this planet.  We don’t have the option of leaving for another home when we have ruined this one.  And I feel sorry, truly sorry, for the trillions of other living things on our Earth that cannot stop us from destroying their home too.

I don’t think I am being alarmist.  Instead I think I am being realistic.  We have waited too long as a society to become frightened of the future we are creating for ourselves.  And yet it’s not too late.  As this wonderful article shows, you can help stop global warming in many small ways.  What I like about that article is that it is positive and upbeat in so many ways.  It doesn’t treat global warming as an impossible challenge.  Everyone can make a difference.  Every. One. Of. Us.

American consumers have a lot of power.  They just don’t realize it.  Here is a classic example.  A few years ago Saudi Arabia pressured most of the oil producing countries of the world into reducing their oil output.  That was because there was an oil glut on the market.  The glut keeps the price of oil down.  Saudi Arabia wanted to drive the price of oil up by creating false scarcity.  But what happened?  Consumers fought back with gas-saving practices.  And it worked!  Gasoline prices this summer are very cheap compared to years past.

Some of that success is probably also due to improvements in American oil drilling technology.  Both here and in the USA drillers are pumping more oil from shale rock and oil sands.  Although I am not happy about what they are doing to the environment at least they are keeping the cost of oil down.  But that’s not enough.  We need to drive down the cost of oil by using less and less of it.

We can be so clever when we need to be.  People have been sharing ideas about how those of us with little extra money can make investments to grow our wealth.  Why can’t we share more ideas about how to help the environment?  There are many things that can be done, and which should be done.

As an example, do you know how many ways the federal government can create jobs?  It turns out there are a lot of job creation ideas floating around.  And some of those ideas involve working on the environmental crisis.  If the federal government spent our tax dollars more wisely (not going to happen under Donald Trump and the Republicans, I know), we could create better paying jobs and help stop global warming.

I know that the jobs market right now is looking very good.  But worker compensation has not grown over the past few years.  People are having to live on less money than they did 12 years ago.  If the government invested more effort in creating high paying jobs that help the environment than in m making Silicon Valley companies wealthier, we would be much further along toward managing our environmental problems.

Don’t just sit back and say someone else can do more than you.  Be creative.  Take action, even if it’s just small action.  The first step to fighting global warming is admitting to yourself in your heart that everything you do makes a difference, one way or another.