If We Do Not Fight Global Warming No One Will

It is time for everyone to fight global warming

It is time for everyone to fight global warming. This could really be what our future looks like.

The Great Plains are drying up if you believe science articles like this one.  As farmers and cities draw more water from underground aquifers every year nature is unable to keep up with the demand.  The aquifer levels feed many small streams throughout the West, and those streams in turn feed many rivers.  Now a lot of river systems are dying and in the process we are losing local fish species and other animals. (more…)


The United States Has Been a Socialist Country from the Start

Newsweek cover: We are all socialists nowThere was a very interesting article on Answers Everyday about the difference between socialism and communism.  I’m not sure the writer answered the question succinctly but he certainly shared some fascinating history about how the United States has followed socialist policies from the very start of the nation.  Why are people so alarmed about Bernie Sanders’ claim to be a Democratic Socialist?

A few years back Newsweek ran a story in which they said “We are all socialists now”.  Of course, it was about the government intervention to save the economy during the Great Recession, which everyone feared would become a new Great Depression.  And there is nothing great about recession or depression in economics. (more…)

It Is Now Time to Get Behind Bernie Sanders

Bernie SandersI still cannot believe anyone takes Hillary Clinton seriously.  Her presidential candidacy should have faded into the woodwork in mid-2015.  Any serious Democrat who is thinking about voting for this scandal-laden purveyor of second-rate liberalism should just hand in their registration card and go join the Republican Party.  I mean it.  We do not want another four years of Clinton politics in the White House.  It’s time for a fresh start.

Bernie Sanders makes a lot of sense on so many issues.  And he is one of the few politicians who predicted the foreign policy meltdowns that the Bush and Obama administrations have struggled with.  The Republican Party does not know what to do about Bernie Sanders.   They are all focused on Hillary Clinton.  And Hillary is just not electable.


How One Guy Persevered and Became Successful

Nicholas BredimusThere are many, many stories of success and not all of them are worth reading.  What makes one person’s biography more interesting than another?  Well, one obvious thing is how much the biographer shares about the individual’s spirit.  We want to connect with the people we read about.

For me what is most important is when an ordinary man makes it big.  Anyone who is born into a rich family can be like Donald Trump: spoiled, selfish, rotten to the core.  Okay, maybe he’s not so selfish (he is willing to be President and that is a thankless job).  But I still think Trump is spoiled and I don’t want to know where he came from or how he got to be where he is. (more…)